Update on using the TypeMatrix keyboard

It’s been two months now since the last post, and most of what I said before is still relevent. What has changed is:

  • I’ve got used to using it with the silicon cover. Think I even prefer the feel using the cover now, since it slightly cushions the fingers. That said, I can’t say I really prefer the TypeMatrix keys over my ThinkPad’s keys (nor the other way around).
  • Switching between the layouts of the ThinkPad and TypeMatrix keyboards is less problematic, though I still occaisionally mis-hit keys.

More significantly, I’ve tried using the TypeMatrix while gaming. Here it doesn’t do so well, for two reasons: the layout, and the Alt+Tab button. In games you really need to be able to hit the right keys quickly and without taking your eyes off the screen, so not being able to feel a gap between the number row and the F-keys, or between the bottom letter row and the play/menu/app-switch buttons doesn’t help. And that app-switch button: if you’re playing a competitive game on Windows, the last thing you want to do is accidentally hit Alt+Tab. And that button is right between Alt and C… personally my feeling is that we could do without the Alt+Tab button completely.


About dhardy

A software developer who landed in Switzerland, I love conjecturing over a few things computer-related, open collaboration, and quietly promoting linux/KDE as a desktop OS.
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